The electronic games industry generates billions of dollars in annual revenue, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Since video games continue to be one of the leading forms of entertainment, the demand for sophisticated and high-quality games is rising. To help fill this requirement, the industry needs skillful game designers. Full Sail’s Game Design Bachelor of Science Online Degree Program is designed for students who want to create compelling and inventive experiences for the next generation of games. Courses provide a comprehensive focus on the game play, story development, and production needs of the industry. We equip you with the necessary skills to pursue a career creating content for everything from home consoles and computers to emerging platforms like cell phones and other handheld devices. The program is designed to address the significant topics associated with how games create experiences that tell a story.
Through our specialized curriculum, you’ll learn the production processes used by top studios to design and produce best-selling games. You’ll also hone your skills by studying the building blocks of narrative design – storytelling, game balance, level design – and the tools used to translate these ideas to the screen.
A comprehensive examination of design processes will address social implications, interactions, usability, game economics, play balancing, aesthetics and immersion, design tools, level design, prototyping, and testing. While focusing on how to design games, the program also addresses the societal and cultural impact of electronic gaming by evaluating the psychological, sociological, and anthropological effects of games.
Throughout the Game Design Bachelor of Science Online Program, you apply these techniques to projects that showcase your practical understanding of taking a game from concept to completion. The program culminates with a final design project where you’ll incorporate critical and analytical techniques learned in the program to develop a complete game prototype.
And since games are an intensely collaborative medium, the program maximizes the benefits of the interactive tools of Full Sail’s online platform. This shared forum will teach you how to incorporate the leadership and project management techniques used by successful designers to effectively work with a team of artists and programmers towards a unified vision.